Top Tips

Top Tips

Need a few quick pointers?  Our helpful trainers have put together a summary of some of the key top tips from our leading courses!

Getting Your Message Across – how to get your message across in the most effective way.

Feedback that Fits! – delivering constructive feedback in the workplace is most possibly the most important interpersonal skill that you can develop.

Negotiating to Win – how to achieve what you want in negotiations.

Well-being at Work – what can you do to ensure you have a healthy working lifestyle.

Time Management – make sure you follow these top tips to achieve effective management of your time.

Managing your Outlook – Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic tool which a large majority of us could not live without, but how can you control it to ensure it does not take over your working life?

Saying ‘No’! – what components are best to utilise when saying ‘no’?



January 6, 2014

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