Staying productive at work during Christmas

staying productive at christmas

Tis’ the season to be jolly that’s for sure! But more often than not, the festive season brings with it a real distraction to workplace engagement and a big drop in productivity at Christmas. Alarmingly, it has been noted that the 16th of December is the date where productivity levels in the workplace plummet. The report by Peakon that discovered this date also found that 12% of us admit to becoming disengaged at work before December has even begun.

what’s to blame for the decrease in productivity at Christmas?

Could it be down to consumerism as to why each year, we become less productive at Christmas? Hear us out on this one – Black Friday will always fall on a Friday, Cyber Monday on a Monday, and the human race has developed a fear of missing out (FOMO), therefore what are the chances that we will spend large proportions of our these two iconic consumerist days searching for deals and presents in lieu of doing our jobs? Is it fair to say probably very high? £10bn is the expected amount spent on Black Friday in the UK alone – was that all done in our lunchtimes, probably not.

Alternatively, the Christmas period provides us with around a week or so (depending on your employer) holiday. Many of us feel that we need this break in order to reinvigorate ourselves, and perhaps the closer we reach the Christmas break, the more we naturally unwind mentally and prepare ourselves for some well-earned rest?

beating disengagement during the Christmas period.

It can be tough to stay productive during a period that brings so much happiness and joy to those around you. Whilst it’s important to maintain a level of professionalism within your working environment, that doesn’t mean you can’t get jolly… It’s just about managing your workload and performance levels at the same time.

Consider this – if others around you are winding down for the festive break, the chance is there for you to become more productive and be recognised for your efforts. Take it as one of the easier opportunities you’ll get to grow your career and use it to your advantage.

get your shopping done early

It’s no secret that Black Friday sales have become extremely underwhelming of late, and now have been extended to as long as 14 days. What this has done is allow us to remove any fear of missing out – brands are stocking up for big levels of traffic and footfall, meaning more often than not there’s going to be some stock left over for when you get the chance to have a look. The greed of consumerism has in effect backfired on itself and taken away the FOMO!

Additionally, getting your shopping done early alleviates the last minute rush and weeks of anxiously thinking about ‘Christmas shopping’ while at work. As a result, you’re more able to clear your mind of worry about getting presents and focus on staying productive!

using productivity tips to stay, well… productive at Christmas

When it comes to productivity tips and lists, there are plenty to choose from. Draw inspiration from these lists to put together your own cheat sheet and stay productive at Christmas as much as possible.

planning inspires during tough times

Have you ever noticed that when you’re planning a project, your task-lists or a piece of work you are often very motivated and inspired, especially at the start? Harness this feeling with your current and future workload to map out your work over the festive period. As a result, you will feel more energised and engaged and as a result, more productive.

don’t be tempted with treats

Sugary treats are known to increase fatigue – during a period where we all pig out on chocolate, sweets, and crisps, it’s hard to avoid sugar and trans fats. Here’s the thing – sugar lowers Orexin levels and makes you tired and the same goes for trans fats too.

It’s hard not to want to eat these tasty treats, but in order to stay energised, engaged and productive during the Christmas period, you need to avoid temptation and stick to healthier ways of eating. On that note, we’ve put together a nice little healthy eating cheat sheet for you to take away and use as you please!

ensure positive psychology is in place during the Christmas period

Positive psychology is highly thought of within the workplace as more and more of us learn to harness the power of positive cognitive thinking. Incorporate some positive psychology techniques like the ‘3 good things’ method into your every-day life and improve productivity at Christmas.

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