how to make working life better and prospser in the workplace

a woman working at her desk after making her working life better with fun gadgets, music, plants etc.

Working life has its moments! Some, of which, cause elation and happiness, whilst others cause stress and sadness. In order to live a productive and healthy working life, you must develop a workplace strategy to ensure you’re continuously happy, motivated and driven within your working environment. Otherwise, the chances are that you will plateau and not live a fulfilling career, or at least one that makes you happy!

Life is all about success; how you determine what success is to you is an entirely different question. For some, success is reaching the top of their game, earning mega sums of money and being regarded as a thought-leader within their chosen field. For others, having the freedom to be creative, having autonomy and being able to leave on time to pursue other hobbies that make them happy may be their own idea of a successful life and career. Neither is wrong! In fact, both are right, because they suit the person who’s identified what success is to them.

making working life better

That being said, not everyone achieves their goals immediately, or perhaps as quickly as they’d want to. This can boil down to a number of factors but more often than not, it’s your working life that can be enhanced in order to help fast-track the path to success.

By making enhancements to your working life, you can improve your health, work-life balance and overall environment within the workplace. The positive effect that this will have on your general demeanour and overall working performance shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s why some of the greatest minds and leaders of our generation have a real emphasis on their teams working lives!

the fun, productive, creative and satisfying matrix

A simple creation, but potentially an effective one! Creating a simple equation to measure any ideas for making working life better that measures whether the idea increases; fun, productivity, creativity and/or satisfaction to understand whether or not the idea is beneficial to your working environment. By measuring these three aspects, you can calculate the importance of implementing your idea, and categorise your work-life improvements in order of importance to you. Additionally, you can calculate this from a business perspective too and understand how these improvements will help both.

using the fun, productive, creative and satisfying matrix

In order to provide a mathematical calculation for how beneficial ideas may be to enhancing your working life, you will need to add a numerical value for the main columns. We’ve assigned 25% for each (this rounds nicely to 100%). It might be that more columns are added and the numbers are split accordingly, but for now, 25% is a good starting point.

With each idea being worth 25%, depending on your values, you can calculate you improvement ideas and total them in the final column. When all’s said and done, you have a percentage for each idea, along with an overall average improvement percentage for your working life.

IdeaCreative?Productive?Fun?Satisfying?Improvement %
Be more forward in taking on new projectsxx50%
Make 3 new friends at workxxxx100%
Add some plants to my deskxxx75%
Take more short breaks during workxxx75%
Read during my lunchtimexxx75%
Spice up desk; lego, Rubix cube etc.xxx75%
 Total Improvement %75.00%

It’s a simple process, nothing that’s scientifically groundbreaking, but what this does is show the potential for improving your working life. In turn, your career prospects and wellness benefit from the positive improvements that you’ve made, ultimately making your working life better.

improvements to consider to make working life better

If you’re stuck for ideas, start with personal ideas and move onto work-related ideas the more creative and comfortable you feel. If you’re still struggling, try some of our recommendations!

improve your desk space at work

Desks can be quite boring, to say the least! So an idea may be that you need to spruce yours up? This could be anything from finger games such as; basketball, rugby, skateboarding etc. or having fun gizmo’s lying around on your desk like fidget spinners. Don’t be fooled that these sorts of things might be counter-productive – in fact, fidget spinners are used as a sensory device to relax and focus the mind. I’ve had some of my best ideas, by simply spinning this weird object or throwing sponge balls into a net! Additionally, this makes your workspace look and feel fun and improves your workplace morale.

Also, consider plants. Did you know that having plants on your desk reduces stress?It’s also great for productivity as you can tackle the chaotic day with more focus and less stress after you’ve tended to your plant!

Matrix score – 75/100

take your breaks

Taking a 10-second break from your screen every 15 minutes reduces workplace fatigue by 50%. Now if that’s not productive, satisfying and arguably fun, I don’t know what is.

Additionally, you need to take your entitled lunch break! Doing so reduces work-related stress as we allow ourselves to ‘tune out’ from work based matters. This also gives us ample opportunity to build and enhance our working relationships within the workplace. More working relationships equals a happier working environment, and team.

Matrix score – 75/100

jump on new/different tasks

Mix it up in the workplace. Are there new tasks or projects that might not be the norm that you’d be involved in? No problem! Jumping on new tasks further enhances your creativity, whilst keeping you satisfied within the working environment. By working on different tasks, with different people you might not have connected with at first thought, you expose yourself to new ways of thinking, working and gain more respect from your peers and vice versa. From this, you can create even more working relationships and build a network of colleagues you can rely on to help you within your working life. Whilst this benefits you, it also benefits the company who can see an inspired employee growing their skills, collaborating on projects and adding value to the business.

Matrix score – 50/100

be more sociable at work

A lot can be said for sociable and approachable members of the team. These are the kinds of people that others want to be around and involved with. Coincidently, living a more sociable working life can make the workplace a much more fun and engaging environment. Having people you look forward to seeing at work will make you much happier within the workplace.

Additionally, why not take on the responsibility to organise team events? A works night out, coffee and cake at lunch, go-karting all contribute to positive networking and building deeper working relationships with colleagues.

Matrix score – 100/100

Total Score = 75/100

Overall based on our matrix, we could make our working life better by 75% on top of what it already is. As your idea list grows the percentage may decrease, but overall there are improvements that can be made in order to make your work-life just that bit better than before!

Give it a try and let us know how you get on. In fact, let us know how you’d adapt or improve the matrix to suit yours and the businesses needs!

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