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managed learning services with training provider – Hemsley Fraser

woman using managed learning services to help grow her personal development

managed learning services

With Hemsley Fraser being an award winning Managed Learning Services provider, it’s only right that the world sees what we have to offer. Additionally, it’s important for you as HR and training professionals to understand who Hemsley Fraser are and what services we offer.


Do you need to modernise the learning and development your organisation provides?

Well, whatever the size or stage of your business, our managed learning service can help transform what you do.

The service even pays for itself…

One large engineering client of ours saved over £7m by partnering with us.

Imagine your business as a ship powering forward through unpredictable waters…

We can help propel your learning initiatives forward, adding new energy and expertise just where it’s needed.

We take the pain of training administration away, so you can focus on what you’re best at…

Whether you’d like our support with learning strategy, supplier management, admin and logistics, metrics or to get access to innovative learning content… our role is to help you accelerate business performance.

Plus, if you want help to navigate a change of direction… perhaps to support a business shift or initiative… our service can help.

Many organisations are carrying on with out-dated training, but expectations have changed…

We improve the experience for learners.

Giving employees access to on-demand and expert-led learning… across an array of topics.

Content can be accessed and used in many different ways, to meet your needs…

…At a training centre or your premises…

…On a computer…

…Or even on the move.

And because we produce our own content, we can quickly curate tailored learning to fit your precise needs

The result is that Staff are happier and engaged… and your business performs better.

Managing learning and development is our ‘bread and butter’.

That’s why we are a trusted partner to many large global brands.

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