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how to work with remote teams

how to work with remote teams thrive in five

We know it can often be hard trying to work with a remote team. So many factors have to be taken into consideration; the remote teams time schedule, their internet access, their access to communications and so on. Fear not, this little ‘thrive in five’ video is here to help you work out how to work with remote teams, whilst giving you tips and insights to help you implement straight from the off.


One problem.

My team is remote and I need to build stronger relationships.

Two things to remember.

If you manage a remote team, then ensure that you take the time to connect with individual’s face-to-face using video link.

After all, 80% of communication is non-verbal and body language.

Take the time to understand individual’s personalities.

What makes them tick? And what ticks them off.

Remember, not everyone is the same.

Three practical tips.

Listen to what individuals are excited and passionate about so that you can drive tasks in these areas and get the best out of each member of your team.

Remember what it is that they enjoy to do outside of work.

Respect their opinion, even if it’s different to your own.

Encourage them to explain more about their point of view.

Four do’s and don’ts.

Do allocate time to connect with your team.

Don’t assume that everybody likes to communicate in the same way.

Do review and give feedback on individual’s work.

And even if you’re not physically there, get them to send examples.

Don’t assume that no news is good news. It’s frustrating for everyone to be working on the wrong thing.

Five things to try.

Set up a video meeting.

Go on, do it now…

Decide how and when you’re going to connect with your team.

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