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72% – the percentage of large companies with a digital skills gap.
49% – the percentage of SMEs with a digital skills gap.

The ‘digital skills gap’ basically means; companies who are lacking knowledge in digital software, tools and strategies.

What does this mean to you exactly? Room to grow, that’s what! Imagine the opportunities you have to grow and help your company to achieve business goals by learning new digital skills!

In 2016 this UK government survey identified the severe lack of tech skills across companies within the UK. From this, they identified the need to build partnerships with companies and training providers to help drive the growth of this skillset in the workplace. Here’s your opportunity to learn! As more and more companies are becoming more digitally aware, the UK digital economy continues to be recognised as one of the strongest in the world. As a result of becoming more digitally aware, training and development programmes are being implemented to help grow company digital skills gaps.

This all sounds fantastic, but which skills should you grow? It really depends on the business goals, but here are our five top digital skills to learn.

2017 digital skills

digital skills infographic for the skills you need to grow your career

Social Media Marketing

2.34bn people use social media, and a high percentage of them will be your target customer. So tell me again why your business isn’t on social media? You’ll find some businesses think their product is not relevant to social and that it’s hard to share relevant content that entertains and informs the customer. That’s where you come in! You’re already joining our content marketing course 😉 and you’re going to creatively think of ways to reach the target audience.

video production

Video is one of the best content formats to help spread a brand’s identity and message to their customer. Across social media, you’ll find that at least 8/10 posts on your newsfeed are video content. In fact, I often scroll my news feed and all that’s there is!

This poses the perfect chance for those who have a vested interest in the brand they work for to help work on producing video content for their company. The roles can vary from project managing the process, to developing the filming and editing skills. There are plenty of video production tools and equipment too, from tip top DSLR camera’s to the top spec Adobe editing software. For those of us starting the video production journey, you can now use your iPhone, apps like Filmic Pro and Pinnacle Studio to produce high-quality video and edit your project to produce a top piece of video content.

Some examples of being creative with video content for your business are; producing a video to show your company’s culture, an interview with a customer or a product showcase demonstrating the finer details and unique benefits to your customer.

Also, think about your career prospects? More and more businesses are taking creative forms of job applications. So showcasing your ability to tailor video content to a company you’re interested in working for could separate you from the pack.

image editing

Like video, image editing is a great digital skill to enhance your reputation within the office. For those of us looking to become pros and produce anything from infographics to branding on imagery, understanding an image editor like Adobe Photoshop will really wet your creative appetite. For the fresh starters, consider Adobe Stock or Canva, these are two great tools to help you quickly turn around the website and social media photography. Visual aids certainly draw attention to your assets, so showcase your ability to edit images where you can.


We’re not saying you need to become a developer, but being able to read HTML will help your career. We wouldn’t recommend making website changes, but reading HTML can help you work with your external agency to implement and identify changes and website bugs fixes.

If you’re using an email solution like MailChimp to send out emails to your customers then HTML knowledge can also certainly help with structural email changes. Most email providers have temperamental solutions, and all of a sudden something’s a pixel out of place. By knowing some basic HTML, you can go into the HTML source code and fix these minor issues.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing are strategies needed to help optimise your website to rank higher on search engines. The higher you are; the more percentage of traffic you get to your site, and the more customers you can convert into business.

No need to be scared here either, there’s plenty of online blogs, communities and forums to get expert advice and opinion on SEO and content. If you’d like some professional training, you can always consider our content marketing training programme.

We spoke earlier video and this can form part of your wider content marketing strategy. Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. They’re two sides of the same coin – SEO sets the rules and content implement them. SEO is a career within itself, but by knowing the fundamentals you’ll be able to help drive the implementation process.

With content, this is much easier for you to drive yourself. Having basic SEO knowledge allows you to identify the right process to create website content. You’ll identify keywords that are relevant to you through research. You’ll then think like your target customer and identify what they search for and what content will interest them. Finally, you’ll be able to perform a competitor analysis of the top results for your keywords and identify areas to beat them and produce better content which will drive more traffic to your website.

When considering content marketing start with creating a blog for your company. Your keyword research will guide the topics you write about, but don’t be afraid to be creative too. Your SEO knowledge will then ensure you can focus on imperatives such as relevant anchor text and strong internal linking to additional website pages. All of this contributes to creating a great piece of user-friendly, search engine optimised piece of content.

There are plenty of ways to grow your social media following, from online communities to social advertising or creating content. Either way, you can use social media to your businesses advantage and get some brownie points in the process!

final thoughts

Whilst these are some of the more fun and creative digital skills you can learn, there are an array of skills you can use to develop both yourself and your companies digital activities. Now is your chance to help shorten the digital skills gap, reduce that percentage and grow your career. Don’t let your chance go by the wayside!

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