why you need to learn how to manage your workload

Picture the scene; tonnes of paperwork piling up on your desk, a to-do list longer than your arm and it’s 4pm on a Friday – sound familiar? We can often come a cropper for not managing our workload effectively, but being able to develop and use this skill is imperative to improving your overall happiness, productivity and relationships within your office. But why is it important for you to manage your workload?

the benefits of managing your workload effectively


In order for us to thrive in the workplace, we need to tackle the challenge of taking on more roles and responsibilities, whilst becoming more productive and effective as we change alongside our company’s. Businesses now look at efficient strategies to help streamline processes, reduce costs and maximise profitability and that’s where you come in – more work, more deadlines and more stress. But what if you can manage that heavy workload and still perform? You can, and you’ll build your career too just by learning to manage it effectively. By managing your workload more effectively you start to develop the below traits:

decrease in stress

Less stress = less negativity = more happiness = a happier workplace = a happier home. Chronic stress can become a part of our everyday lives through things like an overly demanding job, financial problems and an unhappy home life. By learning to manage your workload you’re also managing your work-related stress and working towards making home life happier, making work less demanding and enhancing career prospects which in turn, helps out with those financial problems.

increase your productivity

By effectively managing your workload, you’re on the path to success. You’re increasing your productivity for both the short and long term. Managing your workload is in itself a process, similar to project management; you’re managing yourself and your workload. When you’re productive you release endorphins that increase your happiness and positive mind-set. This positively affects your mind and rubs off on your colleagues; it’s a win-win situation. More productive people hit their targets more efficiently and with quality, creating trust, reliability and authority among their peers as the ‘go-to-guy’ to get things done. This again helps build internal relationships, gives you a sense of purpose and helps build your career within your company.

increase your happiness

As written before here on Manager’s Digest, we spend over a third of our lives at work, so it’s important that we’re happy within our working environment. Happiness makes you positive, and when you exude positivity it rubs off on your colleagues – isn’t that in itself a perfect reason to learn to manage your workload more effectively? Not only this, but you take your personal happiness and positivity home with you and again positively affect others around you.

build your reputation

We’ve touched on this a little when talking about increasing your productivity, but an employee that can manage their workload effectively, builds a strong reputation within the office. If you’re looking to position yourself as a leader within your business, being an employee trusted to hit deadlines, take on multiple tasks and manage multiple projects is an employee who’s on the path to success.

tips to help you manage your workload better


These top tips will help you effectively manage your workload and reap the benefits we’ve spoken about in this blog.

learn to say no

One of our favourites! Learning to say no the right way gives you the opportunity to free up time where necessary. You’ll also find it gives you a sense of freedom and power over your time and workload. Like a shot of caffeine, you’ll feel energised and ready to crack on with the rest of your day!

use Pareto Principle

Otherwise known as the 80:20 rule, the Pareto Principle basically means that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. So remember – 80% of our work contributes to 20% of its value, so ensure you’re prioritising and focusing on the right tasks to deliver the best outcomes.

the inevitable ‘to-do’ list

There’s no right or wrong way to create a to-do list. The important thing is to include these 3 things; the task, the deadline and the urgency needed to complete it. To-do lists help you manage your time effectively, work out what needs to be done and when, and helps you plan out your days and weeks easily.

finish it first

That’s right, finish a task before starting another. Who’d have thought that would be an efficient way to manage your workload? We can’t stress how easy life is when you’re working in an environment where you’re encouraged to take on tasks one at a time. We appreciate there are multiple projects to handle at times, but if you can look at your to-do list and structure your days accordingly, you’ll be far more efficient, believe us!

take breaks

There’s a famous confectionary slogan for taking a break for a reason! We all need them, especially when at our desks. You should average a break from your screen every 10 minutes just for health purposes. Often that’s not possible, but if you can manage two small minute breaks every hour, you allow time to think about things outside of work, digest your current task and think outside the box, away from the desk.

is it all worth it?

According to yes! It’s scientifically proven that if you manage your work and time better and achieve our tasks, we reduce stress. Something we’d all would love to reduce, more and more.

So what are your tips? Are there any techniques or strategies you use to manage your workload? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to have your feedback.

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