how to create a positive working environment

positive working environment

Okay, so we’ve addressed why you’re unhappy in your working environment. So how do we now turn that into a positive working environment? After Inc. wrote the article 9 Reasons Why Your Best Staff will Leave in 2017’ it got us thinking – do they have to leave? It’s never too late to change something for the better, so why not we change our working environments to make them more fun and engaging to be in?

9/10 of us will have experienced a poor working environment; it is part and parcel of developing a career path. These environments can help define you, your working style and how you interact with people. For leaders who look to drive change and innovation, this presents the chance to put right the wrongs those before us have created.

positive working environment

You don’t need to be a manager to create a positive working environment. You just need to know what it takes and have ideas you want to execute. So lead by example, by implementing these seven core components of a positive working environment:

the core components for creating a positive working environment


encourage collaboration

75% of workers value teamwork and collaboration as ‘very important’, so it’s clear to see that you should be knocking down barriers between yourself and your colleagues.

When we work together, a positive chemical reaction occurs that leaves us feeling more positive, energetic and happy. Think about it, when we’re invited to collaborate on projects we leave feeling great because we’ve helped our team. The same happens when we ask for help – our colleagues feel loved, welcomed and appreciated; this results in an increase in individual and general office productivity.

By working together we also build trust and relationships with our colleagues – an important aspect from a workplace happiness perspective.

promote positive psychology

Positive psychology is essentially harnessing what is best within yourself and utilising this way of thinking to enhance your life. Shawn Anchor talks about the Happy Secret to Better Workin his inspiring TedTalk. Within his talk, he introduced his technique to enhance positive psychology and we want you to try it from now on. Firstly, take time each day to write down three things you’re grateful for from your working environment. To add to this, we’d like you to write down three things you’ve done well each day. During this period, record how you felt during week one of the test, and how you feel at the end, the results will surprise you.

By working with positive psychology you reverse the way of thinking we’ve been taught to believe and naturally have a more positive outlook on life. This results in more creativity, a better outlook on problem solving and higher levels of productivity in the workplace.  Isn’t that a working environment we all want to be in?

giving recognition

This just isn’t done enough in the workplace. 69% of workers would work harder if they were recognised for their efforts. Imagine the productivity and efficiency level rises you would see if you just said “that’s great” or “awesome job, thank you.” Often the little things are the things we forget about,  and saying “well done” is so easy to do, yet has such a great impact. Why aren’t you doing it yet?

encourage conversation

Contrary to what you may believe chatting in the workplace can be more productive than time-consuming. A Harvard business review study found that those who spoke to people during their projects helped contribute to saving a total 265 hours working on a project. This certainly acts as a promotion for workplace chatting and collaboration on projects.

be agile to changing working environments and demands.

The modern day workplace is constantly changing due to; consumer trends, technological advances and ever-changing business goals. As the working environment becomes more uncertain, we have to show more agility in the face of these adapting circumstances. By doing so, we open ourselves up to new opportunities for management styles, processes and ways of thinking, encouraging collaboration and idea generation. By bringing everyone together; you’ll be in a strong position to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

allow for creativity

What happened to our creative sides? As we’ve grown up, we’ve stopped testing our ideas and started trying a one size fits all approach. That’s not the best way to do things, we need to explore ourselves, the way our minds work and any ideas we may have. The biggest innovators in the world didn’t develop products as a result of a ‘one-size fits all’ methodology – our problem solving has to be creative.

make work fun

When you think about it, if you combine the aforementioned six components, the workplace will become a more fun environment to be in. That doesn’t mean to say you have to stop it there! There is a real trend among the forward-thinking companies to promote a real fun culture; a games room for lunchtime, consoles in the staff room, music in the office all contribute to making our working environments more relaxed and fun to be in. It’s these environments that make us want to stay with the companies we work for, because we feel loved, cared for and valued.

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