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infographic: the power of storytelling

Have you ever stayed up late to read a novel that you couldn’t put down, or watched a movie that you couldn’t switch off? Perhaps you pushed yourself harder because you heard a story about a colleague’s success, or you changed your opinion after reading a distressing story in a newspaper? That is the power of storytelling.

Stories can change how we think, act and feel. They can form the foundations of an entire workplace culture, and they have the power to break down barriers and turn bad situations around. Stories capture our imaginations, illustrate our ideas, arouse our passions, and inspire us in a way that cold, hard facts often can’t.

As a manager, you need to connect with your team so that what you are communicating with them is clearly understood and absorbed. Telling a story in a meeting, for example, can help brighten dull information, which in turn improves engagement and will inspire your team to take action rather than simply nodding their heads in approval.

But how can you use storytelling to improve your team’s engagement? Here are 4 simple tips that will help bring some excitement to your next meeting.

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