cheat sheet: effective employee engagement

Employee engagement is the logical and emotional commitment to an organisation and its success. It can lead to discretionary effort and intent to stay.



statistics on employee engagement in the UK

According to Engage For Success has found the following stats on engagement across the UK:

  1. 17% – the percentage of employees engaged with their work.
  2. 57% – the percentage of employees not engaged with their work.
  3. 26% – the percentage of employees actively disengaged with their work.

Most noteworthy here is the statistic that 57% of the working population are not engaged with their work. As a result, we must learn to keep our employees engaged if we’ere to maintain a successfully productive team. In order to do this we must encourage our employees to have positive working relationships, understanding their personal and professional priorities and take a genuine interest in them.

In fact, the result will be the creation of a positive working environment, in which, colleagues will feel a part of.

Engage your team, encourage collaboration and, in turn, learn more about your employees with our engagement cheat sheet.

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