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How to Build a Relationship with a Difficult Colleague

Do you have a colleague, client or boss that you avoid having difficult conversations with? Do they tend to react negatively to certain situations, so much so, that you dread the moment you may have to interact with them?

Avoiding a situation isn’t always possible or practical, especially if you spend an estimated 40 hours a week alongside the person you’re trying to avoid. So, if you happen to be stuck with a difficult person try to build a better working relationship with them. Make an effort to identify what it is that makes them difficult and understand why that may be.

After all, we all have our own individual quirks, so it’s good practice to be mindful of how you’d feel in the same position. By facing the conflict head on and handling the situation (rather than continuing to avoid), you will not only improve your own management skills but also, build your professional network.

View our infographic that can help you handle difficult people and situations in your workplace today.