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small changes in the workplace that will improve your environmental impact

Your work environment is an important issue that can affect team productivity and overall mental health. We also know it’s an area where making a meaningful difference can often feel very overwhelming. It’s important to remember that even with the smallest of individual steps; these changes can help to make a big collective difference not only for the planet but for employee morale as well.

At Hemsley Fraser, an integral part of our UK business and operating methods is to work towards a more sustainable work environment. We achieve this by staying committed to the management and continuously improving upon our performance.

As a result our Saltash office so far in 2016, has witnessed a 4.5% reduction in our CO2 emissions, a 19% decrease in printed materials, and our amount of recycled waste has increased 50% in comparison to Q1 2015 alone.

We understand that it takes effort, we had to start somewhere, but it’s important to be aware of your environment and make important changes.

Check out five of our small yet mighty changes that your workplace can implement too!

  1. Walk to work, cycle or take public transport – reduce your carbon footprint by walking or cycling – improving your fitness simultaneously!
  2. Buddy Up – by sharing a return journey with one person just one day per week can save you £80 per year in costs and it will help improve upon your social connectivity!
  3. Recycle – getting a good system in place, will make it so much easier to implement and maintain.
  4. Go paperless – don’t waste resources, think before you click print and alike us – introduce double sided print.
  5. Plant a tree – over a lifespan a single tree equates to one tonne of carbon dioxide being absorbed.

For more information on our environmental procedures, visit our website:

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