using social media as a manager

Social media is now a normal part of everyday life at home and work. Almost everyone uses a form of social media from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to Pinterest- we are all networking, interacting, sharing photos, information and updates. As a manager you need to use social media to raise your profile and network but also, you need to know when to draw the line with your colleagues, especially when your colleagues are the people that you manage on a day-to-day basis. We’ve put together a short guide to help you keep your personal and professional reputations separate and intact online.

  1. Don’t neglect your LinkedIn profile. It’s a great opportunity to learn about developments in your sector, network, seek job opportunities and keep in touch with old colleagues.
  2. Don’t feel that you have to befriend your team online, you might see something slightly inappropriate- imagine how you are going to look at that person in the office or next one-to-one catch up.
  3. Encourage the development and use of social media to help promote your company; it’s a really powerful tool and can help to boost business
  4. Keep your personal life separate from work. Use settings to make sure people only see what you want them see.
  5. Do interact, communicate and share news, knowledge, ideas and best practice on LinkedIn. If you have a story worth sharing people might be receptive to it.
  6. Don’t bad mouth your business online, it will only get back to your boss.
  7. Do check your page regularly and keep up with the latest news and developments.
  8. Don’t message your colleagues online about work-related topics, save it for the working week.
  9. Enjoy using it! It’s a great platform to communicate, build relationships, interact and have a laugh too.

For tips on how to get your team engaged read our infographic

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