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post-heroic leadership – do you show these qualities?

post-heroic leaders leading their team to the top of a mountain.

What type of leader are you? Today’s organisations need a new model of leadership which no longer reveres heroes, says Val Sedounik, associate consultant at Hemsley Fraser. Post-heroic leadership is the model!

post-heroic leadership

For most people, a leader is the person ‘in charge’. The buck stops with them to be charismatic, powerful and influential people who steer organisations through stormy waters by the sheer force of their personality. So when someone becomes a leader, they often feel compelled to act as a hero (or heroine).

Ultimately, this is embedded in our psyche – it’s what we expect, but it needs to be challenged says Val Sedounik

In today’s complex and dynamic environment, organisations need agility, responsiveness and innovation. You need to take your team with you, especially in times of change. A post-heroic style of leadership can unleash talent and improve performance as it frees up the workforce to be more flexible and agile. Establish trust with others to show you value diversity of opinion.

heroes and leaders

Heroes, admired for their bravery and noble qualities, exist in the myths, legends and folklore in every culture. History has taught us about larger-than-life military and political figures; film and TV have shown us Superman, Wonder Woman and a host of other action heroes. We all have a strong sense of what a hero represents – and that can be disastrously unhelpful for anyone who steps into a leadership role…

If you want to become a post-heroic leader read more in our white paper.

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