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white paper: positive psychology

Positive Psychology-1Do you find it challenging to encourage positivity in your teams, in addition to yourself? This white paper written by Alexandra Hatfield, learning and development consultant says positive psychology can improve well-being at work. She explains that there are five measurable elements that can enhance employee well-being and bring competitive advantage.

positive psychology

Structural changes and a requirement to ‘do more with less’ have created a more demanding workplace for many employees. To help individuals cope with the resultant pressure and adversity, some organisations are introducing resilience training. This is important but sometimes it doesn’t go far enough, as a growing number of employees also want to improve their life satisfaction. Additionally, these two goals can be achieved together. HR teams can help people respond to the high-pressure challenges of the workplace – and increase personal productivity, engagement and meaning at work – by improving employee well-being.

The key to this is positive psychology. Already that presents a problem. The word ‘psychology’ has a stigma in the workplace. However, since 1998, a new field of psychology has been looking at how people can become more fulfilled and more productive. Furthermore, while traditional psychology is about finding out what’s wrong with you, this new movement of positive psychology is concerned with what makes life worth living. It’s a science that’s grounded in rigorous research.

Positive psychology is concerned with what makes life worth living, it’s about promoting positives, not correcting negatives. Encourage positive statements, don’t ask: what’s wrong with me? Instead, do the opposite! Ask: what’s right with me? What do I do well?

You can assess your strengths with a free online test, available at authentichappiness.org called the VIA Survey (Virtues in Action). When you use your highest strengths in your work, you feel more positive, more engaged, more valuable, you work better with other people, you accomplish more and your job becomes more fulfilling. Share this with your teams to see if you start to see a difference in their positivity in the workplace.

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