infographic: agility at work for a better work-life balance

Many of us haven’t quite managed to strike the perfect work-life balance and yet as a manager we are very good are telling our teams to take a lunch break or not to come into work if they are unwell.


We all need to be productive in the workplace and this cannot be achieved if you don’t properly take care of yourself. Sometimes we can forget that it’s okay to take a sick day, the office will still run without you there, if you don’t respond to your stack of emails until the next working day, that’s okay too; the world won’t stop because you haven’t pressed send.

Take your time in responding to emails, take a lunch break, don’t work late every night, especially on a Friday evening, that isn’t productive and sets a poor example of time management to your team. Everyone is allocated annual leave for a reason, take it. No one expects to hear from you whilst you are on your sun lounger in Spain!

Why don’t you practise what you preach? Take a look at our infographic on agility at work for a better work-life balance and make sure you start to challenge your barriers and create a sense of work-life balance for you and your team.

Visit our fit for the future webpage for guidance on health and well-being at work including managing work related stress, why you should stop trying to multi-task and how you can stop working life intruding on your personal time.

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