infographic: getting your team engaged

GettingYourTeamEngagedv2.aiWhen deadlines are looming and the workload is starting to get too much, team motivation and dynamics can really suffer. It can be easy to lose the engagement of your team and it’s important to remember to keep them on your side and support them just as much as they support you.

Sometimes it can be the smallest comment or gesture that can help to keep your team motivated, saying thank you is probably one of your most powerful tools. Read our infographic for guidance in engaging your team, take the time to get to know your team and understand their personal values.

Having a good connection with your team is vital to ensure sustainable organisational performance, don’t let hectic moments bring your team down and do what you can to enhance engagement, keep everyone motivated and keep perspective.

For more ideas in how to boost workplace morale read our article on the core components of work place morale.

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