infographic: employee well-being, seven exercises to do at your desk!

energise yourself at work

As part of our campaign to help organisations become ‘fit for the future’ we have ensured that employee well-being is high up on the agenda. As we spend a significant amount of our time at work we believe it’s important to look after yourself physically whilst you are there. Too many of us sit at a desk for hours at a time and it can often be unhealthy and can cause stiffness in the neck, shoulders and also contribute to lower back pain. To help you and your teams become ‘fit for the future’, we have put together seven simple exercises for you to do at your desk.

Why not share these tips with your teams and encourage them to walk around the office whenever they can.

Fit for the Future poster-1

Focusing on physical well-being will help create a better work-life balance leading to increased productivity and can help reduce absenteeism.

Click here to visit our ‘fit for the future’ page to access a variety of resources to help you improve your well-being, resilience in the workplace and more.

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