Plan a great induction for your new starter

As a manager you may have welcomed and inducted lots of people to your team and it can be repetitive, giving a new starter an induction manual of 50 pages to read probably won’t make them feel valued or involved in your team. So to ensure your new starter has a successful first week we have put together a refresher checklist to help you plan future inductions.

  1. Before they start– Get their desk set up ready for their first day including computer, telephone and PC log in details, make sure they have access to all your department files and folders and not forgetting the all-important stationery (pens, notepad, post it notes)!
  2. HR documents– Ensure their contract, job description and any formal documentation is sent out to your new starter or prepared for their first day via HR, this will allow you to focus on your new starter and will make them feel more secure.
  3. Pre start hello!- Send them a welcome email before they start, ask them if they have any questions, remind them what time they need to start, where they need to go and what the dress code is.
  4. Induction plan– Put together a plan for their week, schedule appointments to meet with all members of the team and the wider business including Finance, HR, Marketing and IT. This will help your new starter get to know the business and build connections. Don’t forget the simple things like how the telephone works or going through any internal systems you use.
  5. Tour- Show them around, introduce them to everyone and show them where they can find the tea/coffee making facilities, the toilets and fire point.
  6. Important details- Go through the important stuff they will be thinking about that you may necessarily not be. Things like annual leave, working hours- including lunch time, who to contact if they are unwell and can’t come in to work, Christmas holiday entitlement, staff socials, training opportunities and inform them of any office politics!
  7. Targets- Set them objectives, explain the core values of the business, what is expected of them, what your team is trying to achieve, and what role will they play in achieving success.
  8. Communicate and involve everyone- Ask your current team what they think the new person might want to know about and involve the whole team in the induction process, explain to your new starter how you like to be worked with and gain a mutual understanding to avoid any conflict of interest.
  9. Time-Spend time in their first week taking them to meetings, showing them how to do things, asking them to join you in a meeting, helping them to feel involved.
  10. Be social-Arrange a team lunch in their first week to really get the chance to meet the team, this helps them to feel more settled within the team and gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. If you have a larger team, buddy up your new starter with an experienced, helpful member of your team to help them settle in.
  11. Round up– Don’t forget to book in a catch up with them at the end of their first week, just to check how everything has gone, answer any questions or worries they may have. It is a good idea to do this regularly in the first few weeks.

If you have any other tips for helping new starters settle in, leave us a comment and join the conversation.

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