Want to achieve your goals? Read on…!

achieve your goals

Not being satisfied and always looking for further challenges, opportunities and goals we desire to achieve is good; it means we are not content with a plateau and everything staying the same.

Setting yourself objectives and having aspirations is a healthy and significant part of your life.  However, how can you increase your chances of success of reaching these goals?  Chris Gaborit wrote for Fast Company and came up with four keys ideas…

achieve your goals with Chris Gaborit’s 4 key ideas

achieve your goals
make your goals visual in your life

The thing that you end up concentrating on the most in life is the greatest appeal to your conscious mind. Make your goals a visual part of your life, write them down and place them in clear view. Viewing your goals every day will ensure they’re a constant feature within your conscious mind, constantly reminding you.

what you concentrate on grows

If you focus on the issues and negatives to reaching your goal, then these will grow and grow; making barriers seem unmanageable as it becomes increasingly hard to find a successful way out.  However, if you concentrate on your goal and how much you wish to achieve it, then you will have a positive perception and barriers will be easier to tackle.  If you require further knowledge in a particular area in order to reach your goal, then instead of viewing this as a barrier, consider it a positive opportunity to develop and discover how you can gain this required knowledge.

you will become what you focus on

Consider this situation – you are feeling stuck in a rut, lost within the same old structure and day-to-day routine with no new challenges or opportunities, completely disengaged.  Now you could either view this with negativity and slip further and further away from aspirations, or you could focus on the positives of having a goal and feel optimistic about being driven to achieve this.  As Chris rightly says, “You will take on the form of whatever you behold.”

make sure you concentrate solely and emotionally on what you want

Be open and agile to alternative and new ways of thinking. But also be aware that focusing on the wrong alternative or too many new ways of thinking can become a hindrance, rather than productive. You need to make sure that you concentrate strongly, confidently and with the emotional desire, you know that you have.

These principles focus a lot on your mental state because this will be what carries you through. How you view and perceive your aspirations has a massive impact on whether you will reach them, and keeping these points in mind will help to make sure you do not get side-tracked or lose momentum.   Do not get disheartened if you encounter issues, as the well-known saying goes ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’! So what are you waiting for?!  Get those goals written up somewhere you will see them every day, have a positive attitude and concentrate and fully focus on your aspiration and how much you wish to achieve it!

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