What will be your chosen Christmas reward?

As summer feels like a distant memory and we can officially say it is Christmas next month (where does the time go?!), it is time for businesses to start thinking about Christmas rewards for staff.  Or is it?…  ‘Saying Thank You at Christmas’ Survey from last year revealed that in 2012 only 30% of respondents received a Christmas reward and 65% did not expect to receive one the following year!  However, giving employees a Christmas reward provides an opportunity for an employee engagement activity and to demonstrate appreciation for efforts this year.

But what kind of Christmas reward do you pick?

  • Gift vouchers are usually a good bet as they cater to all preferences and as Employee Benefits rightly comment they ‘can often help staff to manage their costs during the festive season’.  A gift voucher gives the message of ‘valuing their contribution’ and allowing employees to pick something which they will really make use of and be of value for them.
  • Hosting a Christmas Party gives the opportunity to celebrate as well as bring the team together and socialise outside of the work situation.  However, you need to plan when the best time will be to hold a Christmas Party without it impacting on work activities or deadlines, and ensuring everyone will have the opportunity to attend.
  • If costly gifts or events cannot be factored into the budget, then you could consider supporting employees in a good work-life balance over the Christmas period by closing for a bit longer.
  • Giving a personalised, memorable gift shows much thought has gone into showing your appreciation and value of your employees; rather than giving a gift for ‘giving sake’.
  • Be careful if deciding upon giving food or alcohol as some cultures or individuals may not appreciate or may even be offended by certain products.

Whatever reward route is selected, it needs to be delivered with the right message and sentiment.  The way it is communicated can be just as important as the value…  A generic, impersonal, unaddressed message detailing the gift may end up doing more harm than good as it can be just viewed as a way to ‘buy’ employees’ motivation and efforts, without actually establishing why they are being given it.  Christmas rewards and gifts provide the opportunity to develop relationships with your team and ensure they know they are appreciated and their hard-work does not go unnoticed.  Let us know your best Christmas reward ideas!

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