Further Education leads to a ‘sustained positive destination’!

Adult further education is proving hugely beneficial to ‘sustained employment or learning’.  A report by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) reviewed a group of 1.5 million adult learners who completed further education courses in 2010/2011 to see how they progressed after undertaking this further education.  The results demonstrated that out of those who completed an eligible course, 72% had a ‘sustained positive destination’, either into employment or further learning, the following year.  Even those who completed learning at any point between October 2011 and March 2012 rather than in all the six months showed positive results, with 80% demonstrating a sustained positive destination.

This research is so significant because it demonstrates the true benefits of completing further qualifications and training. Lucie Mitchell for TrainingZone reported that Skills Minister Nick Boles, said gaining a qualification is not the sole, main reason adults enter into further learning, instead we look at where the education can help lead us.  This is exactly what this study discovers the results of.

If you have mulled over the prospect of undertaking adult further education, these new findings may provide you with the persuasion you need…  Just because you may be settled in your job and any educational studies seem a distant memory; learning should never stop!  It is important to remember that simply picking a training course which you think and hope will be likely to support you in your progression is not enough; you need to feel confident that the training you are undertaking will be of value to you as well as the organisation you currently work for, or even future employers.

As a manager you should also use this research to help support members in your team on their educational journey.  Discuss with your employees which areas of training they would like to undertake and feel would be most beneficial for them.  Investment in personal development will not only increase skill-sets and knowledge, but also increase morale, engagement and enthusiasm.

If you have been delaying your own or your team’s training and development plans, then hopefully this report will give you the persuasion and kick-start to put it high on the agenda!  Your positive sustained destination awaits you!

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