How to make sure your team are motivated for a new project!

Ever found you have come up with a brilliant new project, idea or process which you are really excited about, however, when the time has come to communicate it to your team, you have been met with a lack of enthusiasm?  Or have you found that during a project, employees are slowly losing their focus and motivation to continue working with the same creativity and eagerness as to begin with?  It is time to get this motivation shortage under control and out of your team!

Whenever any of us sets ourselves a goal, the reason for it is usually part of a bigger picture than simply setting a goal just to achieve it and this is what provides us with the motivation to keep going.  You need to communicate this bigger vision to your team and reconnect them with the ‘why’ behind what they are doing.  As Sharí Alexander for Entrepeneur writes, ‘Help them see how their puzzle piece fits in to build a larger picture.’

Sometimes your team may gauge that they can put off a certain task to a later date as they may not view it as that important, or they may not be that enthusiastic about completing it.  However, as a manager, you are know that the task they are putting off, is having a knock-on effect to the rest of the project or team.  It is important you explain the whole chain of events to your team so they know where their part fits in and how what you expect of them is integral and significant.  After all, if we take the same viewpoint as the theatrical world then there are ‘no small roles, only small actors’!

In order to motivate your team, you need to get to know them and get to know what excites them.  Spend time speaking to your team members and focus on what they are saying and what they are emphasising the most.  Look out for ‘keywords’ which provide clues on what motivates them;  these words or phrases will stand out from the rest.  Sharí comments that to find these, look out for the following: “The person will lean in or sit up straighter. Their voice might get louder or more pointed. Their eyes might widen when they say their keywords.”  When you discover these, make sure you draw upon them to help motivate them.

Positive reinforcement will work wonders to drive your employees’ motivation.  Make sure you acknowledge and recognise the work your employees are doing, especially when they complete a task you have asked of them.  If you do not, next time you approach them with a project, their motivation will be much lower to want to complete it to a high standard.

Look at your role as being the spark needed to ignite your employees’ motivation and provide this required motivation to your employees.  Make sure you exude your excitement and enthusiasm as this will rub off on your employees – excitement can be infectious!  Also if you show your positivity and belief in a new project, task or piece of work then this will instil confidence in your employees too.

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