Are you getting enough holiday?

A recent survey conducted by Holiday Hypermarket, as reported by CIPD has highlighted the discrepancy between how much holiday workers are taking and how much we should be taking to ensure we have high productivity levels at work!  The survey consisted of asking 2,000 people about their holiday habits and the effects of this on their work.  Do you take time off just twice a year or less?  If so, you are part of the majority…  55% of respondents were found to take holiday twice a year or less:

  • More than a quarter (28%) took breaks twice a year
  • 19% only took time off once a year
  • 8% had taken no holiday at all in the past 12 months

However, what is our perception of the necessity of taking holiday?  Interestingly, although this study shows we are not taking much holiday, a strong result of 77% believed it is unhealthy to go a whole year without taking time off work.  Lack of holiday has a knock-on effect on productivity and motivation; waiting too long for a holiday affected nearly two-thirds of respondents who rated their productivity at five out of ten or even lower before a break, and over half of respondents commented that their motivation drops when in need of a holiday.

Taking time off work ensures that you do not just ‘exist to work’, but actually make time to ‘live’ too!  It is all too easy to slip back into the stressful, hectic routine when we return to work after holiday; flooded with emails, work and projects to catchup on.  However, taking smaller steps to readjust back into ‘normal daily life’ rather than throwing ourselves in at the deep end will have better long term results and the relaxing, refreshing effects of a holiday will last longer.

Kay Dixon, general manager at travel website Holiday Hypermarket comments that “Taking a day off here and there is sensible, but a regular trip abroad can be more beneficial for both our mental well-being and our productivity when we return.” Our productivity levels are higher after a holiday, with this research showing that it rose to levels of eight out of ten.  It is time to stop putting off booking that annual leave and instead plan some exciting, ‘out of routine’ things to do!…  Make some time for ‘you time’!

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