Key Business Challenges facing Talent and Training Professionals

Business Challenges PDF CoverToday’s workplace is ever-changing and developing and consequently we face new challenges and curve-balls as employees, a team and an organisation as a whole.  Understanding the main business challenges and assigning time and resources on how best to approach them and what guidance and help can be applied, is the key to success…

At Hemsley Fraser, we want to appreciate and help with the key business challenges facing Training and Talent professionals.   At the recent Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) International Conference, Hemsley Fraser conducted a survey of over 200 learning and development professionals in order to explore the greatest business challenges facing our discipline.  We found a strong correlation of eight key challenge areas, demonstrating a strong degree of commonality.  Find out more about the key challenge areas by clicking here!

These identified business challenges were then transformed into illustrations to describe the different challenges.  Over the next few months, we will be uploading the business challenges images to our ThingLink channel.  With the illustrations we have included links to our content, website pages and help and advice relevant to the business challenge.  Click on any image of interest to open it and then hover over the icons to see information and links on how we can help with specific challenges, plus get access to a wide range of our content!  Please share your comments, experiences and challenges too.  Follow this link now to take a look at the first set of challenge images!

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