Creating Personal Employee Engagement

Improving and increasing employee engagement in the workplace is a topic at the front of many organisations’ minds.  However, are businesses focusing on the correct methods for increasing employee engagement?

As discussed in a recent blog on TrainingZone, falling into the trap of using impersonal, formal reward strategies to motivate and engage employees through financial incentives, family support, health benefits and personal development may not deliver the engagement improvement that is desired.  Recent research shows that creating personal engaging strategies are the way forward and ‘an increase of praise from senior leadership and direct managers are now most appreciated.’  Connecting with employees on a one-to-one level will produce much higher levels of engagement.  Taking an interest in their lives and taking the time to really get to know them is a positive start.  Appreciating what employees enjoy or dislike about their job, as well as understanding the projects they are working on will help, and praising them for their work will work wonders!  Praise goes a long way in motivating and inspiring employees and making sure they know their efforts do not go unnoticed.  People will respond better to genuine, personal initiatives, rather than a formal business strategy which centres simply on rewards, finance and markets.

Employee engagement strategies should focus on the following four key attributes: sincerity, loyalty, generosity and trust.  A more personal ‘human-centred’ approach will result in longer term, sustained results.  Focus on employee happiness, trust and respect, and engagement will soar.  ‘Show your staff that you care, not by telling them, but showing them with actions, kindness and respect.’

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