Lead like an Ancient Pharaoh!

What lessons can leaders learn from the builders of the great and sturdy pyramids which still stand today?  The ambition of the Pharaohs and the dedication and work ethic of the ancient Egyptians is to be admired and can provide many tips for leadership skills…

John Stein, author of Building the Pyramid explains that there are many more parallels between the Pharaohs’ pyramid building and the challenges facing leaders today than we may realise!  A leader has a goal of creating a solid and successful organisation which offers something unique and innovative; much like the Pharaoh’s goal of creating the magnificent structure of the pyramids.  Stein identified six key phases for successful leadership which have developed way back from the time of the pyramids.  These are:

  1. Attraction and recruitment of top talent to help a team and business grow
  2. Alignment of strategy to operational performance
  3. Engaging and inspiring others through leadership capability
  4. Developing a strong workplace culture
  5. Application of knowledge, expertise and talent through learning
  6. Demonstration of the behaviours crucial for maximum potential

“Leadership plays a critical role in the development, support to and realisation of any vision, whether you are a Pharaoh or a Chief Executive.” says Stein.  Being a receptive leader and knowing the importance of gaining support and commitment for your vision from your team is important.  The pyramids could have taken up to twenty years to build and with limited experience of the Egyptian people; faith and trust was vital.  Similar to in today’s workplace, where ambitious, challenging and innovative plans require employees to trust their leaders and organisation through these times of change and development.

Leaders today face many of the challenges of leaders in the ancient Egyptian times and as we have seen, the building of the ancient pyramids is very similar to the building of an organisational pyramid.  Taking into account how Pharaohs led their team to success could benefit you!  To read more, download a free sample or buy a copy of John Stein’s book, visit here.

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