Trust levels in leaders are at a two-year low!

New research by CIPD and Halogen has discovered a worrying trend that trust and confidence in leaders has fallen to a two-year low.  This could be a knock-on result of the increasing number of employees feeling that senior managers are not treating them with respect and their confidence levels in them dropping.

The research highlights that performance management systems and career progression are areas that needs to be focused on to address this issue.  Almost one-third of employees believed that performance management systems are unfair which results in 32% revealing that career progression within their organisation is unachievable.  It is time for managers to address this issue and discuss career development with their employees and take the time to understand their goals.  Communication regarding objectives and expectations needs to be open, collaborative and a two-way process to address the worrying statistic that currently, this communication is deemed to be ‘somewhat or very ineffective’ by 20% of respondents.

Leaders need to be aware that if they do not address this now, they will risk losing valuable talent.  The level of employees who are on the lookout for new job opportunities is still at a high; last autumn’s survey revealed a two-year high in employees’ job-seeking intentions.  Claire McCartney, Research Adviser at the CIPD, said: “It’s not surprising that job seeking intentions are still high as employees lack faith in their leaders and managers.”

If employees are not happy at work, feel they cannot trust their managers or have a pessimistic view towards their progression then they will look afield.  Recruitment costs and the time it takes to recruit, interview and train-up a new employee is a costly process and one that could be avoided if leaders put this issue at the top of their priority pile! Organisations need to develop and maintain creative retention strategies to avoid losing top talent.  Take time to understand and get to know your employees; develop a more resilient and understanding relationship with them.

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