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Top Tips from our Manager’s Conference taking place today!

Today is the day of our Manager’s Conference; full of interactive sessions, debate and best practice from experts!  Our conference will be covering best implementation of everyday management tools such as feedback, coaching and delegation, how to use time management skills to transform productivity for you and your team, and practical ways to make a real impact on your people to develop your team for performance success.

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Below is a snapshot into what participants will be learning today and what areas to focus on to boost your skills for success!  Also check out our Infographic on the key skills in people management to guide you to management success!  Download it here!



Time Management Hacks: Productivity Solutions

Focus on structuring your day so you complete the right tasks at the right time and learn to prioritise what needs to be done by when and which tasks are immoveable.  It is important for managers to understand that it is not all about working every single possible hour of the day, but achieving the right amount of work in the right amount of hours.

Coaching: Nurturing to Reach their Potential

During our career we often find ourselves in a position where we have to train and coach people to do things.  Whether it is to learn a new system, or use a new process…  In order for us to do this successfully, we need to understand and tailor the right approach through getting to know the person and their learning style, so that they learn quickly and get it right first time.

The Art of Delegation: Putting Responsibilities where they Shine Brightest

Delegation is the secret to success; it frees your time through helping to develop your team and in turn allows you to progress and take on more projects from senior managers.  It also provides you with more time for reflection and to spend with your team, which is an important issue to tackle to increase employee engagement.

Feedback: Are you Making the Grade?

As a people manager, you play a key role in coordinating groups of skilled individuals to meet shared team and organisational goals.  Team members need to feel motivated, inspired and empowered by their managers in order to want to perform at their peak and one of the core challenges facing managers is giving effective feedback.  A recent study from the Institute of Leadership and Management found that, whilst the majority of managers (69%) say they are ‘always giving feedback’ to their staff, just 23% of employees agree that this is the case…

Let us know your best practices and success stories of everyday management tools!  Want to accelerate your learning and boost your management skills even more?  Our Management & Leadership Training courses are focused on developing managerial and leadership excellence.  This year Hemsley Fraser was recognised by as one of the world’s top 20 Training Companies for Leadership Training for the fifth consecutive year!  Take a look at our range of courses on our website!

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