Add some creativity and innovation into your problem-solving!

Do you remember as a child having the perception that experiments and taking risks was acceptable and it did not matter if sometimes they succeeded but sometimes they failed?  However, as you progressed into adulthood, there was a pressure that mistakes do not have a place in the workplace.  Instead of taking risks with more creative approaches, the culture today focuses on diverging from anything which could result in potential failure.  However, creativity and innovation in problem-solving could be just what you need…

Do you struggle to overcome problems in the traditional sense?  Or think that a more creative approach would lead to an even better outcome?  There has been increasing interest on the benefits of retiring the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to resolving workplace problems and instead exploring the use of creativity and innovation.

a creative problem-solving process

The process of successful innovation and change is complex and it involves some important stages to ensure success…

Firstly starting with the ‘blank sheet of paper’…

  • Place focus on the question ‘What if?’.  Look at the problem from all different angles and assess the various possible outcomes to have a well-rounded view
  • Utilise your team and tap into their creative thoughts.  Sometimes the best ideas can come from the ‘bouncing off’ of others’ ideas
  • View solutions with the approach ‘Why not?‘, rather than just ‘Why?’.  Do not be afraid to take a risk!

Focus on creating an open collaborative team environment…

  • Inspire innovation and creativity within your team and encourage others to have confidence in their ideas and solutions
  • Use thought association to get to the heart of the real problem
  • Discover ways that innovation can be introduced and developed further in the workplace

Weigh up the options using the ‘Silent Storming’ approach in creative problem-solving sessions

  • Consider the impact of your solution vs the degree of difficulty it will take to execute
  • What is the scale of effectiveness vs efficiency?

Manage the solution

  • When a solution is decided upon, work out the best way to effectively manage and implement this change
  • Conduct effective reports to encourage ‘buy-in’ from management and stakeholders to process the change

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80% of businesses say innovation is vital to the survival of their organisation, however only 4% report doing anything about it.

Innovation transforms a company which is missing new creative ideas. Companies that have lost touch with its market and lacks energy in employees which are restricting new challenges from being taken on can also benefit from creative problem-solving. One of the key factors in successful innovation implementation is taking people beyond simply talking about innovation, to a place where they know what to do to deliver innovation.  This is focused on in the Innovation Master Class course which you can attend with Hemsley Fraser run by Jonne Ceserani and explores how ‘integrating creativity, innovation, project management & leadership can deliver improved business results and sustainable new capabilities’.  Click here to find out more!  

For more on this topic, you can check out Jonne’s insightful new e-book to help guide you on your journey through Creative Problem Solving.

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