Successful Sundays!

When Sunday evening comes around do you get that dreaded cloud of Monday looming over head?  Well you are certainly not alone; a recent survey by found that 78% of adults experienced the ‘Sunday night blues’.  Sunday evening is the conclusion of our break from work, the end of ‘me time’ to do whatever we want and the moment that our mind starts to wander back to unsettled business issues, deadlines and pressures at work.  Even if you love your job, the end of the weekend will still bring a feeling of sadness.  Business Insider looked into the top things to do on a Sunday evening to make them fuller of success, than stress!

  • Spend quality time with friends and family.  With many places to go and arrangements filling our schedules on the weekend, Sunday evenings are the perfect opportunity for spending relaxing quality time with family and friends.
  • Do something fun! Planning something different and exciting for Sunday evening means it places focus on looking forward to these enjoyable plans, rather than work on Monday morning…  Your weekend will feel magically extended!
  • Organise and plan your week ahead. You could use your Sunday evening to plan out the week ahead and mark up the goals you wish to achieve. However, it is important you do this with a relaxed state of mind and not let this turn into a stressful exercise.
  • Exercise. Release some endorphins and fit in some exercise on Sunday evening. Especially with the clocks going forward, it is a great opportunity to make the most of the extra daylight in the evenings and exercise outside.
  • Catch up on some reading. No matter how many times we may say to ourselves during the week we are going to get an early night and do some reading, it is easy to get distracted and side-tracked and not end up making time for this. So why not make a conscious effort to use Sunday evening for reading?
  • Follow-up on commitments. It is easy to push commitments to the way-side during the week as our time gets filled up with work and social commitments.  However, you could use Sunday evening as the time to make sure these are out of the way and dealt with so you feel refreshed for a new week on Monday.
  • Relax! One of the simplest tactics but with the most benefits! A healthy meal and a good night’s sleep is “Fuel for the body and mind” as Roy Cohen, career coach and author of ‘The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide’ states.
  • Volunteer. Ensure your own personal stresses are firmly pushed aside and make time to help those who are less fortunate.
  • End the week on a high note! Sorry to say it, but Monday morning always comes around, no matter how much you may not want it to.  So think positively and enthusiastically about what the next week could have in store for you!

Try these techniques this Sunday evening and see if you feel a difference!  Let us know what works best for you!

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