Have you made the mistake of revealing the ‘movie spoiler’ in your business?

Revealing the spoiler to a movie such as who Luke Skywalker’s father is in Star Wars, or who gets killed in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is one of the most excruciatingly annoying things you can do to someone and you could be doing it right now in a business sense!  Revealing crucial information without giving someone the opportunity to find it out for themselves is a costly mistake.  How many times has one of your employees come to you with an issue and you have given them direct end-to-end instructions on how to resolve it?  You may think you are helping them by saving them the time which they would have spent working it out, however, this then completely reduces their development of creativity and initiative.

John Kotter wrote for Forbes and explained just how stifling this could be for your workforce in terms of “their opportunity to create alternate solutions, test, debate and decide”.  It is important you take the tactic to instead, respond to your employees’ issues with support and guidance which will ensure they use their originality to grow and develop.  As a manager it is your role to empower your employees through providing them permission, space, responsibility and ownership to solve their own problems and reach that EUREKA moment for themselves!  This will allow employees to cultivate their own style and approach, encouraging them to think creatively in addressing projects.  Would this more ‘hands-off’ managerial technique have an influential impact on your workforce?

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