We are in a skills confidence crisis!

Dr Nick Smith of Oxford Open Learning has claimed that “lack of confidence is the single biggest obstacle to career progression for employees in today’s workplace.”

Recent research by Oxford Open Learning has highlighted a growing issue of a lack of skills confidence in employees.  This is resulting in employees turning down career opportunities, with 41% of those surveyed stating they had chosen not to apply for a new job or promotion because they did not have confidence in their skill set.  This deficiency of self-belief means people are choosing to not progress or advance themselves and instead choosing to ‘rest on their laurels’.

Worryingly this trend seems to be worst in the younger generation, with over half, at 54% choosing to bypass new job opportunities because they did not feel convinced they had the skills required for the job.  Additionally, the study revealed women are more likely to be affected by confidence issues, with statistics of 44% compared to 38% in men.

In order for the market to grow, businesses need to develop and the foundation of that comes from its employees.  Therefore, the knock-on effect of this lack of confidence employees have in their skillset, will mean businesses are limited in their progression.  It is important that this self-belief is reinstated and the key to this is through self-development, with employees engaging in training and studying to boost confidence in themselves and their abilities

Is this an issue you have come across?  How would you best address a skills confidence problem in the workplace?

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