Employee Engagement is at an all-time low – are you going to improve it?

employee engagement is at an all time low

A report by Gallup has highlighted that employee engagement is a serious worldwide issue that needs to be addressed. In the UK, the statistics around employee engagement speak for themselves. 17% of employees, 57% not engaged and 26% actively disengaged*. This is a worrying statistic of three actively disengaged workers compared to two engaged employees.  In comparison to the US, the UK shows significantly worse signs, with the US consisting of 30% engaged employees, 52% not engaged and 18% actively disengaged.

It’s imperative for business performance to have an eager and engaged workplace; it ensures that employees view challenges as positive opportunities and are enthusiastic about learning and developing new skills.  This highlights a need when recruiting employees to look for people who are passionate about the job role and the industry.  However, it is not enough just to hire enthusiastic, engaged employees and hope this trend will continue throughout your workforce; it is important that your workplace continues to encourage fervour and boosts employee morale.

Do you think having colourful, wide, open spaces or a designated gaming area will help the workplace be a happier, more productive place?  Or is the focus on intangible elements such as trust, loyalty, shared values and prominent goals more important?

five questions to ask to understand employee engagement

Meghan from Talent Culture states that there are five questions that need to be addressed with employees to understand what needs to be done to ensure engagement:

  1. Why am I here? – employees need to understand their organisation’s mission, vision and goals to ensure company and personal success.
  2. Why should I trust your leadership? – open communication will lead to respect, which will then lead to trust; the key ingredients for engagement.
  3. Why should I be loyal? – if employees are treated with respect, they will, in turn, have more loyalty to management, their role and the company.
  4. Why don’t you communicate your company values? – ensuring there is a distinct explanation of the values system and why it is so important is key.
  5. Why aren’t you clear about the rewards of working here? – employees want to hear a well-defined and consistent explanation of the reward system they will get from their contributions.

How engaged do you feel at work?  Is there more you can do as a manager or more your workforce can do to impact engagement?

*Engaged employees are said to be passionate about their work and feel a strong connection to their company; meaning they work positively to help the organisation progress. 

Not engaged employees simply turn up and do their work but are not enthusiastic and do not believe in the work they are undertaking.

Actively disengaged employees are completely unhappy and resort to the extent of acting out their unhappiness and undermining their peers’ accomplishments. 

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