Rise and Shine! 5 things to do before 8am to ensure success!

Tomorrow is the start of a brand new week…  What can you do to make it even more productive?  We have some top tips for you!

Margaret Thatcher woke up at 5am, the CEO of Disney wakes at 4:30am; research shows that not only do morning people tend to be more proactive and productive, but there are health benefits for those who make the most of their mornings before work. These include minimising stress hormones through managing your time more efficiently, waking up late makes you feel lethargic and lazy and will result in you being unhealthier overall and early morning wake-ups mean you are less prone to mood swings or ‘early morning blues’.  Forbes highlighted the five key things to do as an ‘early riser’:

  1. Map out your day. The morning is one of the very few ‘quiet moments’ in the day and one of the most effective times when prioritising your day’s activities. Make a to-do list and plan out what tasks you need to do and by when; taking into account which tasks are immoveable in your day. The key is to be realistic when assigning the amount of tasks to complete in the hours you have free in the day
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast. Fuel your body and it will keep your mind aligned to what you have to do during the day. Also no one likes a grumbling stomach in the morning!
  3. Do the least desirable task first. Get that task you are dreading the most out of the way first and save yourself the anticipated stress which will loom over you until you get it done
  4. Take some time to visualise your day. Even just a minute of positive thinking and focusing on your successes of the day will improve your mood and outlook on your workload
  5. Exercise!  A morning workout will give you an energy boost to ensure you are wide awake for the challenges of the day

Do you incorporate any of these techniques in your morning routine?  Do you find a benefit?

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