How to fight the Blue Monday mood!

The most depressing day of the year is here… Over-spending during the Christmas period, the attempt to shift that extra holiday weight and the grey, cold weather gives Blue Monday its inevitable name.  But what can we do to drag ourselves out of this January slump?

According to the Daily Express, there are two approaches which we could take to help get through that Blue Monday feeling…  Did you know in Britain we drink 34 billion cups of tea each year?  Tetley tea have conducted some research surrounding how we can blast the winter blues and apparently a good cup of tea can genuinely improve your mood!  82% of British people surveyed said that a cup of tea and a chat with a friend is the perfect remedy when feeling down.  After all, the connotations of a cup of tea lead us to think of “comfort, cosiness, happiness and sociability” (Psychologist, Judi James).

If a cup of tea and a chat still doesn’t fix you mood, then it could be worth thinking deeper into the issue of feeling blue… Think of a time when you have had to put in a lot of effort to achieve something and at times it felt like you were never going to prosper.  However, when you do eventually succeed, how amazing have you felt?  According to the Daily Express, that additional struggle which leads us to triumph has been scientifically proven to increase happiness levels.  A little bit of discomfort and pain will drive you to succeed and make it even more worthwhile when you do reach your goal.  Putting in a bit more effort and pushing through the pain barrier means that deferred gratification works wonders.  So take a deep breath and focus on the journey, not just the destination.

Make yourself a cup of tea and face that project you have been putting off to turn your Blue Monday around!

Tell us your Blue Monday thoughts!  What do you find is the best remedy for beating those blues?

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