How many times have you found resistance when presenting your new idea?

We have all been in that situation…. You come up with an idea or concept which you think is brilliant, but have been met by a battle when presenting it to your team.  You would usually have two options; back down and resort to a different or previous plan, or go ahead and implement it anyway and risk being met by a lot of upset.  However, Jurgen Wolff from Management Issues has found the route to a third option, which will result in successful implementation of your idea and ensure your concept is met with agreement.  Do you need any further persuasion to read on?!

The key steps you need to follow are:

  • Deal with the highest person on the decision-making ladder first.  If you have support from the top, then others will be more willing to follow suit
  • Compare it to something successful – this will give your case more strength and allow visualisation of how well it could work
  • Involve everyone in the process and take on board their ideas and comments, ensuring you use ‘we’ and ‘our’ when speaking about it.  People will be more likely to agree to something if they feel they have had a part in it
  • Anticipate rejections beforehand so you have a comeback prepared
  • If possible, show existing backing to the idea through evidence of other people liking and appreciating your idea
  • A key lesson to remember is that if you are truly passionate about something, then don’t give up on it

How many times have you found conflict when attempting to implement a fresh idea?  We want to hear your trials and tribulations!

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