The key to unlocking creativity!

Did you know that out an Adobe poll of 5000 people, only 25% feel they are living up to their creative potential?  Are you in that 25%?

“Make it more creative”.  Would a statement like this throw your mind into a blank and immediate panic?  You may not view yourself as the creative type or consider your role to align within the boundaries of creativity; however, 80% of people highlighted the positive link between creativity and economic growth.  According to RealBusiness, unleashing your creativity will lead to fulfilling your potential.  In order to do this you need to:

  • Believe you can be creative, without belief then failure is imminent
  • Expose yourself to new ideas and fresh surroundings which could spark innovative thoughts
  • Relax your mind to open it to new insight
  •  Fully understand and relate to the end user so you can put yourself in their position – what do they want?
  • Always consider ‘why’.  This is an important one to ensure you do not get side- Step out from the project and view the challenge from a different viewpoint to get to the heart of the problem
  • Make the most of your team to build upon and play around with ideas.  Another idea or different viewpoint they have could just be the finishing piece in the puzzle

Utilising your creativity could help you to view a project with a completely different perspective and create a result which you may have never reached without that new creativity.  Additionally, it could mean systems or processes are sped up as a more efficient route is found.  Creativity could the key missing piece in your puzzle!

Creativity is very important, but how often do you use those techniques when tackling a problem or project? Could a recent assignment benefit from you digging deep within your creative mind-set?

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