How stressed is our workplace?

Do you find the pressure at work is ever increasing and you are feeling more and more stressed?  Deadlines seem to be hunting you down, your inbox is nearly at its capacity and you have projects coming from every direction.  Well you are certainly not alone.

A recent report by Bupa found that one in five managers have felt stressed for more than a year and half of managers feel ‘constantly worried’. This survey consisted of 6000 employees from a range of industries, job levels and areas of the UK and highlighted some strong results regarding stress in today’s workplace.

One of the key factors in the increasing numbers of managers being ‘close to breaking point’ is down to the lack of communication.  There is a stigma attached to mental health issues and very few people feel comfortable speaking openly about their stress levels.  Two out of three managers (67%) are likely to keep quiet about their stress.  There is a growing trend of constantly needing to be in control and not appear ‘weak’ in the workplace, which could be the reason for the lack of communication regarding stress.

This high level of stress which managers are under is having a direct impact on their team.  One in four managers said they felt that as a result of being so stressed, they were unable to address these issues in their team.  If the manager is feeling too strained to assist with his team’s issues, then this problem is going to spiral out of control.

When we leave work for the evening or for the weekend, we should switch off, both physically from our work phones and emails, and mentally from the events of the day.  However, when you are under so much pressure, how easy is it to just ‘unplug’ from all the issues of the day?  Very hard it seems, with 47% worrying about work at home.

Stress in our workplace needs to be put on the agenda and addressed efficiently and effectively.  Organisations can start by encouraging open communication and making sure employees do not view stress as a weakness. Businesses need to be educated in how to spot early signs of stress and the route to effectively address this.

Hemsley Fraser offers a ‘Dealing with Stress and Conflicting Needs’ course which will help you to understand the root causes of stress and how to practically and effectively manage these.  You will learn the impact of stress on yourself and others, as well as how to manage conflicting needs of employees in the workplace.  The course covers everything from causes and effects, symptoms, key changes to make, breathing and relaxation exercises and more.  To find out more or book, visit our website.

How is stress dealt with in your workplace?  Are you finding the pressure of work is becoming increasingly harder to manage?

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