Are you hiding behind your emails?

Are you following the growing trend of always using email over telephone?  Management Issues highlighted that in a survey of 2,500 British office workers, 94% would choose email over telephone as the method of communication.  This trend is highly significant in the Millennial generation, with four out ten 18-24 year-olds stating that telephone communication makes them nervous.

Using email is a way of avoiding direct engagement with colleagues; enabling you to rely on your ‘digital dress code’.  When you communicate through email it provides you with time to devise a response or find out more information to be better equipped in your answer.  However, on the telephone, your response to that question needs to be immediate.

Thanks to technology, we can reply to emails on our Smartphones 24 hours a day if we want, meaning time can be more effectively used by responding to emails when you have some spare time in a queue or waiting for a meeting.  However, is this too much of an intrusion on our personal life?  Whereas, business telephone calls are only welcome during work hours.  However, how many times have you sent an email and the intended message or the tone has been taken the wrong way?  Relationships are stronger when you can actually talk to someone and normally more can be gained from that real-time conversation.

Do you rely heavily on email or prefer to pick up the phone?  Have you had any bad experiences with email or telephone communication?

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