Showing your true personality at work can set you ahead of your competition

Be true to your personality in the workplace.

Career progression is a tough game. The working world is a tough place to be in, especially in the early years of your career. You’ve got to learn fast and try to avoid mistakes, but if you’re fortunate enough to be able to fail and learn, you appreciate it while you have the chance. If…

not enough leaders have empathetic listening skills

Empathetic listening is the ability to listen, without interrupting, with compassion and understanding to the speaker’s situation and emotional mindset. Empathetic listening is a skill that stems from the empathetic and compassionate characteristics of our personality. As human beings, our unconscious has an innate ability to read visual cues and interpret one’s emotions in order…

how to promote happiness at work

colleagues celebrating happiness at work

Happiness at work is one of the key motivators for leaders in the next three years. There is a real emphasis on improving workplace morale, and thus productivity by business leaders after employee engagement hitting an all-time low. Happiness in the workplace, collaboration and purpose are all now big factors for prospective employees who are…

how to cure a nasty and spiteful workplace culture?

how to cure a nasty workplace culture

The workplace culture of a business is linked with its leadership. A innovate leadership will drive an innovative and creative culture whereas a self-centred, uncommunicative and disparate leadership will inevitably foster a gossiping, negative culture. Whilst government standards require your workplace culture to provide an engaging place to come to work, not all businesses adhere…

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